My love of whippets first began way before i could even walk.


My Dad owned whippets from a very young age, in fact his wedding present to my mum was a little black whippet girl.


Of course i grew up with a whippet by my side and in my bed!


When i was looking for a dog to show i knew it had to be a whippet, no other breed woul do.


I firsted contacted Cobyco Whippets in February 2003, in December 2003 my very own whippet, loyal companion and my first "show" girl came home.


Jan aka Cobyco Center of Attraction is the founding bitch of my kennel, a much loved girl who knew what she wanted and knew exactly how to get it!


Jan was placed very highly throughout our novice show days, gaining her stud book number and produced 2 two beautiful litters for me.


And the rest, as they say, is history.


Welcome to the home of Saraquele Whippets.

40654347_10216793220643288_1692365548693749760_n jan stood